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Car Hire Turkey

Turkey is considered to be the crossroads of Asia and Europe and the country perfectly represents both eastern and western culture influences. Hordes of tourists consider the Aegean coast of Turkey to be a hot destination thanks to the availability of a wide range of cheap accommodation alternatives and fine places to eat out. However, with its well preserved historical cities and bags of culture set within a mountainous backdrop, Turkey has much more to offer visitors than meet the eye. Cost effective car hire solutions ensure that you experience the best of this country and explore everything that it has to offer.

Your first stop during your visit to Turkey will of course be Istanbul, a city that used to be known as Constantinople and dates back to about 3000 years ago. As such, it is considered as one of the world’s oldest cities. While in Istanbul, make sure that you visit Grand Bazaar in addition to partaking in some haggling and walk in the city walls as well as enjoy an escape to the beautiful Princes Islands. Troy is an ancient city in Turkey that has great relevance when it comes to tourism. Make sure that you pay a visit to the site of Trojan War and then drive onwards to the nearby Assos which is the home of Aristotle, a famous Greek philosopher.

After you rent a car from a good company operating in the country, make sure that that you drive to Ephesus which is well known for housing a site associated with Seven Wonders of Ancient World, which is of course the Artemis Temple. The temple was entirely made from marble and was rebuilt thrice. It used to be the home of the goddess Artemis. Pamukkale is the cotton castle of Turkey and contains travertine and hot springs. This is a great delight for tourists as they get to enjoy the awesome natural geothermal pools available here.

As you can see, Turkey is a country of so many faces than you might probably think or imagine. To explore all these different and unique faces, you must try out the services of a reputable car rental firm and enjoy the breathtaking views available in this country. There are many companies where you can hire a car of your choice from and you just need to search online for the best services possible.

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