The Mystic That Is Turkey

By on Dec 12, 2013
The Mystic That Is Turkey
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Turkey, a beautiful crossroads of the East and West, of the old and new, of the land and sea, of the urban and countryside. Not surprisingly, it continues to be a well-loved destination for anyone looking for variety. Hire a car and navigate its wonders.

Turkey is one of the most favored countries in the world. It sits in the Mediterranean, allowing it to enjoy a fantastic weather for most of times of the year. It also serves as a border for both Europe and Asia, so it enjoys—and fuses—the cultural influences of these two different worlds. The mysticism of Turkey makes it one of the most sought-after holiday places today.

Walk back to hundreds or even millions of years ago

While a lot of countries are unfortunately not able to preserve a huge number of their artifacts, Turkey is incredibly rich with them. Ruins are basically all around the country, from the oldest proofs of the Hittite settlement in Catalhoyuk to the heritage contributed by the Arabs and Persians in Urfa, the seat of two of the most powerful empires (Byzantine and Romans) in history in Constantinople or Istanbul, and the official capital of the Ottomans in Bursa and Edirne.

Get a taste of Egypt

Turkey is still hundreds of miles away from Egypt, but even in the former, you can already get a general feel of how it is to be an Egyptian. In the bustling city of Istanbul is the Egyptian bazaar, a busy marketplace for those who are looking for fantastic local bargains and a vast collection of herbs and spices. Near are the palaces of Beylerbeyi and Dolmabahce, as well as the Bosphorus, where you can take a soothing sunset cruise that gives you a glimpse of the first signs of the city’s sparkling skyline.

Enjoy a private tour

Luxury is never lost in Turkey. Holiday travelers are encouraged to book a private tour that takes you the epic mosques and ends with a lovely Turkish dinner with live performances from the belly dancers. It is a true-blue Turkey experience you can share intimately with some of your closest friends and family. Through it all, you will have your own guide who shall take care of all your needs and see to it you leave and arrive back to your hotel on time and safely.

See the uniqueness of Turkey

In Derinkuyu is an excavated intricate underground network that dates back to the period of the Medians. Back then the Turkish people decided to build their own city underneath in order to avoid arrests and persecution. What is left is an amazing, mind-boggling, and well-preserved multi-level mazes that are composed of “homes,” storage rooms, schools, chapels, and cellars. In Cappadocia are the monasteries, churches, and caves filled with paintings that originated during the Medieval Era. Guests usually ride the hot-air balloon to completely capture the surrounding mountains that make up most of the landscape.

You can make the entire Turkish experience more worth it when you ride a car for hire. You can book one even before you arrive. It ensures you can follow your own itinerary or enjoy the sceneries at your own time. If you are traveling with loved ones, a car for hire provides the luxury, comfort, and privacy.

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