A Family Holiday in Crete, Greece

By on Jun 04, 2014
A Family Holiday in Crete, Greece
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If you are looking for a great beach destination for a family holiday, look no further than Crete in Greece. Formerly the center of the ancient Minoan civilization, the Crete of the present is home to stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and over 600 miles of pristine coastline.

Here are the places you should include in your Cretan family holiday itinerary.

Sun, surf, and sand in the Mediterranean

Crete is the biggest Greek island, and it does not disappoint as a beach destination. The island has over 40 resorts and villas that could be your home during your stay in Crete, and most of them near the breathtakingly pristine beaches that this island is known for. Malia is one of the most popular spots in Crete, thanks to its lively nighttime parties—but Malia can also be the perfect spot for water sports and other activities during the day.


There are also numerous fishing towns in Crete that offer unique experiences and stunning views. These villages include Elounda (pictured right) and Kassiopi, with the latter also offering tours of traditional buildings and ancient ruins. Rethymnon and Pefkos are relaxing resorts that children and the parents can definitely enjoy, with plenty of chances for water activities and sight-seeing. The stunning beaches of Crete are perfect for a wide variety of activities, including dining and shopping.

Explore historical sites

Crete is an important place in ancient Greek history, and has been mentioned in the many myths, legends, and histories that make up the Western Canon.The Heraklion Archeological Museum boasts of an impressive collection of the archeological finds from the Minoan era, whil open air sites of Knossos, Gortyn, and Phaistos also attract visitors who wish to witness the once glorious structures that dominated the landscape. The island of Koufonisi is very popular for its interesting mix of ruins, including noteworthy sites in the history of Roman and Minoan civilizations, and the Second World War.

Driving through the mountains

Samaria Gorge

Aside from the breathtakingly beautiful beaches, Crete is also home to lush mountain scenery that offer a great contrast with the vivid blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. From Chania, you can drive for an hour to Samaria Gorge (pictured right) and enjoy the unforgettable mountain scenery (best souvenir from this trip? Take a lot of pictures).

Chania is also a noteworthy Cretan destination on its own. The old town suffered extensive damage during the Second World War, but at present is one of the most beautiful urban districts in Greece. The Venetian harbor in Chania is one of its most memorable features, and there are plenty of spots in the town where you can see the remnants of the old Venetian wall that marked the limits of the city. Other must-see spots in Chania include the Castelli District (which was a place for human settlement from the Neolithic times), the Orthodox Cathedral, the Topanas Area, the Church of St. Rocco in Splantzia, the marinas of Akti Tompazi, Akti Enoseos, and the Akti Kountouriotou, and the Church of Agia Magdalini.

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