Beach Holiday Ideas

4 Great Beaches for a Family Holiday
By Jude Burton on Jun 06, 2014

Beach vacations can help families to unwind, relax and have a lot of fun. Such vacations can also help family members to spend a lot of quality time with e[...]

8 Waters You Should Definitely Swim In
By Jude Burton on Mar 08, 2014

Going to the beach is one of the best things you can do in your life—there is nothing more relaxing than stretching out in fine sand, enjoying the warm rays of sunshine, and swimmi[...]

The Most Popular Beaches in South America
By Jude Burton on Mar 05, 2014

The South American continent is blessed with some of the most wonderful gifts of nature. Evergreen forests, beaches, wildlife etc. are some of the things that make the continent ve[...]

8 Ways to Maximizing your Stay at the Caribbean Island of Nevis
By Jude Burton on Mar 03, 2014

Looking for a place for some major unwinding? The sleepy island of Nevis might just be the vacation destination for you. Found between Antigua and Puerto Rico, this charming little[...]

5 of the Most Unusual Island Resorts
By Jude Burton on Feb 04, 2014

The resorts listed here are more of a grocery list than a ranking of unusual resorts. Because they are unique, one is not considered better than the rest. They were chosen for obsc[...]

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