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Australia is a continent where people commonly rent a car for just one way rental. This simply refers to a client picking the car up at one location and then dropping it back at a different location. This kind of rental car is subjected to specific one way hire fees. The fee will generally cover the total cost of having the car returned at its original hire location. Fortunately, many companies operate here and offer reputable services to suit your transportation needs during your stay in Australia.

In most cases, only people of age can rent a vehicle from these companies. Younger drivers who are little inexperienced can expect to pay a surcharge on the services which basically covers the extra insurance cost that must be taken on the car. Something else that under age drivers should keep in mind is that they can only hire specific types of cars. In most cases, car hire firms in Australia reserve the smaller cars for this particular kind of clientele. The prices of these services vary a lot from one company to another and it is essential that you shop around for the best rates possible on these vital services.

It is advisable you check the breakdown of the total cost carefully in order to ensure that no hidden costs are included in the package. This is even more important for underage drivers as it is well known that most car rental companies tend to take advantage of such drivers by overcharging them for the services. Also, keep in mind the fact that different companies usually charge different prices and it makes sense that you compare deals from different providers and select the most affordable one for you.

Generally, all car hire offers usually covers vehicle registration fees, GST, basic insurance, unlimited km unless otherwise is stated and includes the vehicle recovery fees. Other fees included in the offers are airport tax and for the under age drivers, the price will also include age surcharge where applicable. These services are available in many locations across Australia like Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast. Just make sure that you first of all search for special offers when you are digging up for deals. Finally, booking the car well in advance before you proceed on with your trip comes with many advantages that you shouldn’t miss.

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