Unique Adventure Tourism in Pondicherry, India

By on Jun 01, 2014
Unique Adventure Tourism in Pondicherry, India
Image Source: People indulge in adventure activities for rejuven

People indulge in adventure activities for rejuvenating themselves and also to enjoy an adrenaline rush which can be achieved only through indulging in different kinds of adventure activities. Around the world, there are many places which offer people with all kinds of avenues for adventure tourism.

When it comes to choosing adventure tourism destinations, people always opt for the usual destinations such as South America or Caribbean. However, those who are looking for a different type of adventure tourism experience you can opt for other destinations in places around the world, which can offer them with unique experiences which they will remember all their time. If you are looking for a classy adventure tourism destination, you should certainly consider Pondicherry.

Pondicherry is a beautiful place in the southern part of India, where people can indulge in many relaxation activities and also experience adventure activities which are unique. Earlier, it was a French colony and was known as the ‘French Riviera of India’. The city still retains its French influence which can be seen in its buildings, cuisine and culture. It has also been featured in popular culture. In fact, Pondicherry was integral to the famous Hollywood movie, Life of Pie, directed by Ang Lee. Because of its proximity to the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, tourists can take part in various adventure activities that these two beautiful and vast seas have to offer. These activities are offered by various well-known institutes that have come up in Pondicherry over the years.

Adventure Activities

The adventure activities in Pondicherry include scuba diving, surfing, swimming, boat trips, hand boarding, wake boarding, flying disk (Frisbee), fishing in the middle of the sea, Djembe lessons, beach cricket, volleyball and tennis, motorbike tours, hacky sack, hand boarding and so on.


For those who love the waters of the sea, surfing is the best way to be in close proximity with the sea. Surfing is a relatively new activity in India but people are gradually getting used to this sport and so it has become very popular among tourists. Because of the variation of waves, people of almost all ages and body structure can easily take part in surfing. There are smaller waves for the beginners and the experienced can venture out a little in the sea and experience the bigger waves. In Pondicherry, people can avail of surf boats, instructors and safety equipments from different institutes that offer these services for a certain price. It is a great feeling of facing the wind and the wave, as the cool water of the sea splashes on our bodies.

Scuba Diving

The sea is the home to thousands of species of plants, fishes, animals and other marine life; it’s like a world within a world. Scuba diving provides an opportunity to people, through which, they can get a feeling of the life underneath the sea water and to be close with the exotic sea creatures, that look beautiful as well. The water down below is clear, clean and so the visibility can be up to 20 meters, thus allowing the divers to get a clear picture of the vegetation and fishes that are present.

Boat trips

Apart from the above mentioned activities, boat trips and fishing in the sea can also be very adventurous and can be enjoyed by the entire family. There are many tour operators which organize deep-sea boat tours in the region. Through boat trips, people can also explore the fishing villages situated near the coastline of Pondicherry. These villages will offer you with a fair insight into the life of the fishermen that live in the region.

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